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Fat girls in black bodies creating communities of our own by Joy Arlene Renee Cox, PH.D.

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Fat Girls in Black Bodies is essential reading for anyone interested in body liberation. Weaving together memoir and scholarship, Joy Cox shines a light on the intersecting oppressions faced by fat Black womxn in contemporary culture, and the power of community to help heal the wounds of injustice. I’m grateful to have this important book informing my work as a Health at Every Size healthcare provider and activist.”
—Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN, author of Anti-Diet

“For my fat Black sisters who have ever felt invisible or been mistreated by the world, or even your own people, you will find both healing and inspiration in this book. Joy Cox speaks to the complexity of our pain while reminding us of the vastness of our power. By sharing her wisdom, insight, and lived experience, she delivers a compelling charge for fat Black women to reclaim our personal autonomy and actualize social and communal change that will bring about liberation for us all.”
—Ivy Felicia, The Body Relationship CoachTM, founder of Fat Women of ColorTM

Fat Girls in Black Bodies is a must-read for fat Black girls and those who seek to uplift our humanity in a sizeist, racist, and sexist society. Both a love letter and a call to action, Joy brilliantly weaves together the latest research, pop culture, and personal narratives of some of the most radical fat Black influencers, healers, entrepreneurs, academics, and activists, herself included. I laughed, I cried, and I felt seen. I’m honored to be mentioned in this work and cannot wait to share it with the world!”
—Makia Green, creator of Dear Fat Girls

“There is an enduring myth, especially amongst non-Black body positivity advocates, that fat Black women are somehow immune to the impacts of anti-fat stigma. Dr. Joy Cox knows better. Her examination of fatphobia within the Black community, as well as her insights on the cumulative impact of the stress of dealing with that in-community bias while also enduring external judgment on top of racism and sexism, is an important contribution to the dialogue on body liberation. The inclusion of additional voices from her popular podcast adds to the richness of this debut. I look forward to so much more from Dr. Joy.”
—Tigress Osborn, NAAFA Director of Community Outreach and Co-Founder of PHX Fat Force

Fat girls in black bodies creating communities of our own by Joy Arlene Renee Cox, PH.D.
  • $22.95