Muslims, Arabs, and Arab-Americans A Quick Guide to Islamic and Arabic Culture

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At last, a friendly, helpful, and sometimes humorous guide that demystifies Arab, Arab-American, and Muslim cultures.

Muslims, Arabs, and Arab-Americans is the perfect, low-key answer to the Park 51 (see 'Ground Zero Mosque') controversy, Koran burnings, and widespread anti-Muslim sentiment.

The author, Nawar Shora, is a young Arab-American attorney who serves as a senior advisor in the Transportation Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security. Muslims, Arabs, and Arab-Americans is an easy-to-read guide to the life, history, and culture of Arabs, Arab-Americans, and Muslims living in the US and abroad.

The handbook is used by law enforcement, corporations, and non-profits for staff training. It is the perfect companion for the layperson. Students, teachers, travelers, employers, workers, and neighbors will benefit from this quick and clear introduction to the people and practices of the Arab and Muslim worlds.

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