Love 'Em or Lose 'Em Card Deck Practical Tools and Activities for Getting Your Best People to Stay

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You want to hang on to your best peopleyour star performers and solid contributors alike. This card deck, based on the celebrated Wall Street Journal bestseller, is specifically designed to help you do just that.
This card deck has three sets of cards, easily identified by their colors: yellow, red, and blue. Yellow cards contain the activities you might perform with the card decks. Red Best Practice cards describe the "best practices" (behaviors, attitudes, and actions) for engaging and retaining talent. They will be used for both "importance sorts" and "skill sorts." And blue Development cards feature developmental remedies and skill-building tips. You'll also find three Header cards (Highest, Middle, and Lowest), which will help you sort the cards in many of the activities. Follow the suggestions on these cards to boost your skills in each of the A to Z areas.

Try out the recommended activities with your team. Spark dialogue, get feedback, and build development plans. Get creative and find new ways to use the cards to engage your talent. What really earns employee loyalty and commitmenteven more than money--is a boss who shows genuine concern about them as professionals and as people. That's what this card deck is all about.
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