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<transcy>I&#39;m learning to breathe</transcy>

<transcy>I&#39;m learning to breathe</transcy>

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12 postures are presented in a very clear way for the little ones, step by step, and with the help of metaphors that speak to them. Each title is articulated around a theme that corresponds to the needs and desires of parents and children. The practice of exercises inspired by yoga is beneficial on several levels: learning to take care of your body, being attentive to your well-being, finding within yourself the resources to concentrate or relax ... For, in the end, children well in their body and well in their head, able to build themselves serenely! I breathe: feel and control your breath, regain calm, relieve stress by making a tree in the wind or a weather vane: these are the benefits of these 11 fun postures to reproduce + 1 lying down relaxation to relax.


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