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Findind a voice asian women retain by Amrit Wilson

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Following World War II, many former subjects of the British empire were arriving in the metropole. The new migrants were no longer exotic beings ‘over there’ but were now ‘here’ amongst us. Initially, the wider British society was getting to grips with South Asian men, but more South Asian women, wives, daughters, and mothers were arriving with each decade. This rupture in the gendered migration would lead to some of the most significant moments in history, witnessing collaborations between African-Caribbean and Asian women. The latter, who have historically been constructed as meek, timid and forever silent, subverted all the imposed stereotypes and changed the landscape for other South Asian women. These women took on industrial bosses as they did with the Grunwick Strike (1976-78), even when they encountered defeat, they always stood with their head help up high.
Findind a voice asian women retain by Amrit Wilson
  • $25.99