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Éric & Julieta En el museo at the museum

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Are dragons real or not? Julieta is convinced they are absolutely real, and when the school visits the museum, her big brother Eric is more than happy to go along with the idea!


Julieta is very happy about the museum visit, and she's especially excited about getting to see some dragons. But her big brother Eric tells her that dragons never existed, so there won't be any at the museum. Julieta doesn't flinch, and she rather stands by her belief with such conviction that Eric and his best friend, Tommy, can't stop talking about dragons thereafter. When the boys see some cleaning implements at the exhibit, they use them to dress the dinosaurs as dragons, catching everyone's attention, including that of their teachers!Julieta está muy contenta porque visitará el museo y verá dragones. Pero su hermano, Eric, le dice que los dragones nunca existieron y que por eso no están en los museos. Julieta, sin embargo, se mantiene firme, haciendo que Eric y su mejor amigo, Tommy, no paren de hablar de los dragones. Una vez en el museo, cuando los chicos ven algunos implementos de limpieza, deciden disfrazar a los dinosaurios de dragones, ¡llamando la atención de todos!


Éric & Julieta En el museo at the museum
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