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Diversity is key livre de Bryan Smith

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Show kids the importance of discovering and respecting differences in others

It's diversity week at Amelia's school, and she has no clue what it means or why it matters. Every day, she's introduced to cultures, cuisines and customs that push Amelia outside her comfort zone and test her preconceived notions about people and places.

Is Mei really asking me to bow when I introduce myself?
Is Rosa really celebrating toes?
How the heck do I eat something wrapped in a cornhusk?
And why is Malia's mom gyrating in a grass skirt?

Amelia has lots of questions (and a few concerns), but the more she experiences, the more she realizes how diversity makes life more fun. She also discovers that differences shouldn't divide people because everyone shares something in common.

This book is part of the Without Limits series written for kids in grades K-5. Tips for parents, counselors and educators are included in the back of the book.

Diversity is key livre de Bryan Smith
  • $14.95