Black Mountain: Fight for the Future

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In a world on the brink of destruction, threatened by artificial intelligence, climate change and corporate greed, only one group of Fighters can rise up and lead the revolution.

Go forth Black Mountain! Fight for the future!

Black Mountain is an Afrofuturistic, anime-inspired, science fiction novel that transports readers into a future where a powerful ruler, Phutais, threatens the very fabric of existence. Join FireArm and BlackBlob as they become the newest recruits to a group of freedom fighters led by Zoticon and AnnRoticon. Together, they will face life-or-death struggles, heal from their trauma, and defeat the global oppressor by harnessing the elemental forces of the planet.

Navigating dangerous missions and honing the powers bestowed upon them through initiation ceremonies, they fight for the liberation of all oppressed people around the world. Brace yourself for a coming-of-age novel that will push the boundaries of your imagination and awaken the inner revolutionary lying deep within you!
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