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<transcy>Baby is well hidden</transcy>

<transcy>Baby is well hidden</transcy>

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By the author duo of Bébé va au marché, a hiking album that takes us on an incognito bike ride! Baby is awake, Baby is hungry: hey, he dives into the banana basket… Baby is well hidden! When his older brother grabs the heavy basket, which he has to carry by bike to his grandfather's, he doesn't know he's taking much more than his usual load. The album is punctuated by the discoveries that Baby makes all along the way, from his big brother's luggage rack. At their destination, grandfather and big brother are completely surprised! Everything about this charming album will delight baby readers: the story built like a hike, the narration that plays on the sounds, the joyful and colorful illustrations, the game of hide-and-seek ... We feast on the playfulness of the little one who plays with the greatest to discover the world and live his own adventures.


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