Making space: How to live happier by setting boundaries that work for you by Jayne Hardy

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Essential advice for anyone who feels put-upon by life, on how to carve out your place in a busy world

Our boundaries-the limits we place on what we will and won't tolerate-establish the dynamics of our parenting, jobs, relationships . . . everything. Healthy boundaries create a space where we feel safe, clear, and confident about who we are and what we want. But drawing those lines is often wrongly criticized as selfish, and making space is harder and harder in our ever-encroaching world.

In this practical guide, Jayne Hardy-founder and CEO of The Blurt Foundation-helps us reexamine how our boundaries are working for or against us, and she guides us to better protect our physical, emotional, and digital spaces. Packed with friendly advice and easy journaling exercises, Making Space reminds those of us on the edge of burnout to stop and ask: "Is this kind to me, too?"
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