40 Hadith on Community Service & Activism

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Imagine a world where the Hadith (authentic sayings) of Prophet Muhammad is on major news headlines and media outlets. Since the onset of the twenty first century, the rise of Islamophobia pushed Muslim minorities in the western hemisphere towards the fields of activism and civic engagement. This book is a steppingstone towards bringing that vision into reality by inspiring, informing and guiding a new generation of volunteers, community workers, and activists who quote Muhammad's words in their meetings, marketing material, and chants. A world like ours is in dire need to hear the timeless principles of the man who was divinely sent as a mercy to all of mankind.

This book is meant to be a Muslim's handbook to change the world. It provides the most relevant Hadiths that Muslims in the 21st century and beyond need to maximize their potential, serve their community, and leave a legacy. Aided with a commentary and a list of actionable items for each hadith, these hadiths provide a framework that answers the most relevant questions for activists and community leaders: The WHY (The spiritual element), the WHAT (the social and political responsibility), the HOW (The Fiqh and Adab guidelines), the WHO (tips on building successful teams), and the WHILE (self-care advice). For all those who have goals beyond their own selves and aspire to make an impact, guided by prophetic wisdom, this book is for you!

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